Golden Moments with KD Golden Noodle.

If you live in Toronto & the greater GTA area, I'm sure you know about the Toronto Blue Jays. If you've been living under a rock or a golden noodle, let me jog your memory. The Toronto Blue Jays are on verge to capture the American League East Title in the East Division. To give you a better perspective we haven't won our division in over 22 years! That's a long time, right?

Luckily, I had the opportunity to take a Golden Noodle from KD with me to a recent Blue Jays game with friends, @Movernie & @1goatroti. I bluntly told my friends that I would be bringing something golden with me to the game and hope they didn't mind it. It looks like they enjoyed the Golden Noodle.

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The Golden Noodle has paid dividends because the Blue Jays WON the game. I'm not a superstitious guy but the Golden Noodle is a good luck charm! I do not know where the Golden Noodle is right now but you can follow @KraftDinner for all the golden fun! I really think the Golden Noodle moment will be tonight when the Toronto Blue Jays clinch!

Everything is golden with the Golden Noodle.
I still enjoy KD Macaroni & Cheese from time to time and it always has a special place in my college days. It was the quickest and easiest thing to make for dinner. I would like to add bacon bits to my macaroni & cheese! To make it healthier I try and add a few broccoli florets in there as well. Try it and see what variation you can come up with! Thanks to KD they have a contest that is ongoing right now & you could instantly WIN big!
Up close with the Golden Noodle. 
Canadians have a chance to WIN a one pound 24K gold Golden Noodle which is worth approximately $30,000. Crazy right? The Golden noodle can be WON by entering the pin code on the cheese packets. Just enter the codes online or on your mobile and you could WIN instantly. You could also WIN over 100 other instant prizes such as sunglasses, flip flops or cuff links.

To enter just buy specially marked 4 or 12 pack bundles of KD Macaroni & Cheese at your local retailer. Visit and enter your codes. Good Luck!

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Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Kraft Canada. All opinions expressed are my own.