Internet Blackout

It was an interesting weekend for myself in which I had a "Slip and Fall". I had paramedics,a firefighter and fellow staff and family surrounding me during my ordeal. My ordeal began when a fellow staff member notice me kind of looking light headed. This iniatated a call from the paramedics that are already on-site. This was the first time I ever had an ECG performed. An ECG is where they plug stickers on you with wires connected to monitor your heart rate. I have never seen this before especially at work, but it seem like a dated piece of equipment that still does wonders; especially in my case. Too make a story short there were some abnormalities in my ECG readings but after going to EMERGENCY everything seemed to be OK with myself and I was released. My incident could have been alot worse fortunately everything worked out. Thanks goes to those involved in my situation.
I will be making a $50 dollar donation to either the Heart and Stroke Foundation or to Mt.Sinai hospital which treated me. So you maybe wondering what this has to do with technology. It really doesn't have anything to do with technology but I will try to draw a parallel to technology. Thankfully I did not experience a blackout after my fall. I was a little dizzy after the fall but that's about it. Here's where the parallel connects with technology. Can you imagine if the internet was "Blacked Out". I have never heard anyone talk about this but wouldn't that be a world catastrophe of a different kind. A technological meltdown? Imagine a society being bogged down with too many people emailing, downloading, transferring bytes of information all at once. This could cause the internet to fail, right? Just imagine the bank machines not working, airplane flights cancelled. It would reveal our over reliance on technology. Everything is run by technology now. Would it be nice to go back to not having email or the internet. Where writing a letter and walking over to the mailbox was the normal.What would the world be like if there was an internet blackout? Just Imagine.

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