Small Business Marketing

I was clicking (no pun intended) channels to see what was on television on my laptop. I've always enjoyed "Get Connected" on BNN network where this television clip was taken. It is interesting because today's episode was about small business marketing on a small budget. Shrinking market share and tighter budgets makes it difficult for the small start-ups. I for one is in the process of starting and launching a website this year as more of a hobby that could eventually take off. My site will be at least functional in a couple of months and a launch will soon follow. For now WWW.CLICKFLICK.CA has been redirected to this blog which will be included and compliment the new site. I'm learning "on the go" with all the steps involved with creating a website.
The reason I have added this tv clip is because it involves Google and how it can be used to market your own personal website.
The use of Google Adwords and Analytics is interesting and I hope you find this helpful in your own knowledge base. I know I would like to put some of this to use with my own site.

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