What's the Jiibe?

Job Security; is there even such a thing anymore? I think the only thing for certain as the saying goes are" Death and Taxes". Declining markets and the effect that technology and the internet have are being seen today with all the layoffs. In the company I work for they have requested to have employees volunteer if they would like
to work 4 day work weeks and take a 20% pay cut. These are the signs of the times. This leads to many with uncertainty of there future. With more layoffs to come in the new year the climate is not good with everyone looking behind there shoulder to see if they still have a job. The question is always asked "What would be your dream job?".That's a tough question but I had a bookmarked site that kind of puts your "Likes" and "DisLikes" of your job of choice. It's kind of like E-Harmony for the job as it states on the website. Here's the link:

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