Demise of the Bookstore?

More people are spending time in front of their monitors with the increase use of the internet. This does not bode well for the future of bookstores and magazines. We have seen how the music industry had to make a drastic changes to this effect. Remember the days when buying cd's and dvd's was a normal way to buy music. These days ever since Napster 10 years ago, music can just be downloaded from sites such as Limewire and Rapishare for free. Revenues from music have decreased taking the industry into a tailspin. Will bookstores such as Chapters/Indigo be able to survive? Books and magazines can be downloaded in pdf format on various websites. The introduction of digital readers such as the "Kindle" will reduce the actual purchase of books. It will also help the environment with less use of paper production and making production cost cheaper. I wonder if technology will affect this industry in a negative way? Will bookstores continue to exist in the future?


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