WWDC09 is today!

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is the premier technical event for developers and IT professionals innovating with Apple platforms. For consumers this gives us a sneek peak at some of the developments and possible products we can look forward to this summer. The one everyone is anticipating and has been rumoured all over the internet is the new Iphone. There have speculations it will have an increased capacity and longer battery life. The addition of a better camera and the option to record video are some of the highlights that I look forward too.Let's hope all the rumours are put to rest today. I've had every Iphone from the 1st generation to 2nd generation  and want to know if it will be worth switching to the new Iphone video. Competition from Google Android and the Palm Pre means a better selection for comsumers in the smartphone category. This smartphone competiton will only heat up and hopefully Apple rises to the top!! You can watch the WWDC conference LIVE on

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