Iphone 3GS released.

Yesterday, it was announced that Apple has made several anticipated releases. They have announced a new line of Macbook Pros as well as the new Iphone 3GS. The launch of the Apple products are priced at lower prices which makes it more affordable for consumers. The new operating system called Snow Leopard will sell for only $29.99 which is a steal for this OS. They have also introduced Safari 4 which is a new and improved web browser. I've just installed it and will give you a review later this week on its functionality. The Iphone 3GS will be released on June 17 in most countries. The new iphone will be quicker, have a longer lasting battery and have a larger storage capacity. I'm happy to know they have added a better camera and video recording capabilities.
Voice recognition and Copy and Paste have been added as well. If you would like to see the new features for the Iphone visit

Iphone Guided Tour

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