I met Gary Vaynerchuk in his condo.

I had the opportunity to go to SXSW Interactive event in Austin Texas with the evoke salon crew which is a Hair Salon in Toronto with 2 locations. I was also representing as one of the 20 evangelist being sent to Austin. The highlight for my trip was the opportunity to meet many of the people I follow online via Twitter and also the new and old faces I met at the conference.

It's funny but the first person that I said "Hi" to was Gary Vaynerchuk on the street corner in Austin with my luggage still in tow. It was just a random coincidence to meet him on the street. One of my highlights later in the trip was being able to meet Guy Kawasaki and also Gary Vaynerchuk again. I've tweeted with Gary the odd time and he has really adopted the true interactions i believe are reflective in growing online relationships. Having the opportunity to hang with Gary in his condo and be able to film him in his bathroom is a unique and different experience. I was able to ask him questions with regards to Social Media and social networks. He is very smart with his knowledge but it was also interesting to see the mentality and business savvy that evoke salon has with regards to business and One on One relationships. Overall I had a great time with those around me during the this trip. I can't wait to do this all over again in 2012.

Just want to give thanks to Evoke Salon (Jason and Jon) and to the Hashable crew! Memorable trip.

Here's the video I recorded on behalf of Evoke Salon:

I thought this was great explanation of Twitter by Gary. "Treat Twitter like a cocktail party"

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