As you know I made a visit to Austin Texas last weekend and I got to see new and emerging technologies. It was exciting to showcase some new startups and emerging companies. This week I will try and feature a different company showcased at SXSWi. In this video we have the group from

It's interesting to see how Sports and Technology are merging. It's playing a bigger part in almost every sport. We usually see athletes of our beloved home teams using Twitter and Social Media but this application is taking it to the next level. Competition levels with professional and non-professional leagues have raised the stakes for everyone. looks like a great way to get the extra edge on your competition. Hudl can be used by coaching and game staff to breakdown and analysize game situations. Hoping someone from Canadian sports leagues might take an interest in the site. CFL or Canadian university football might be of interest. You listening Argos?

For more info you can follow them on Twitter @Hudl

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