Lee Chen 1st Anniversary Tweetup

Lee Chen Bistro is 1 year old. Please join us to celebrate this milestone. Most of you have probably never heard of this restaurant or may have passed by it but never ventured in to try the cuisine. Lee Chen Bistro is nestled in a prime location in the Yorkville (Yonge and Bloor area). That location is surrounded by numerous office towers and other restaurants making this area very competitive for your disposable income.

I've met the couple that own Lee Chen Bistro and they are the most pleasant people to deal with in regards to organizing this 1 year tweetup. They have been very open-minded and open to change, but are still trying to grasp the importance of the Social Media aspect in relation to the restaurant which is a good thing. It is very fun to introduce businesses to Social Media because they're always in awe of the amplification of the tools.

So why did I organize a tweetup with Lee Chen Bistro? Here are my 10 reasons:

1-Location, location, location. They are authentic Asian cuisine that is not located in Chinatown. It's refreshing to have one in the Yorkville area and not have to go to Chinatown for Asian cuisine.

2-Most of the staff speak english. Have you ever been to Chinatown and not been able to understand the wait staff because they did not speak english? I bet you know what i mean. Being able to see your food bill itemized in english also brings a sense of relief. I do not know how to read chinese characters so I never knew if I was being charged correctly for my dishes. You won't have that problem here at Lee Chen.

3-An asian friend of mine told me to eat here and he eats at a lot of Asian places. He told me the soups and the Xioa Long Bao are pretty good and authentic. I do not know authenticity myself but the brisket and the Xioa Long Bao were really good.

4-While eating at Lee Chen for lunch one day I met @CoreCorina in person by fluke. I never met her before but knew of her online. She's knowledgable in Social Media and has worked with many restaurants in the GTA. We co-organized this celebration tweetup with simplicity and no hassles. Thanks to Orderit for being a sponsor too!

5-I've organized over 40 tweetups from small to big. I've always been a person that likes to be social and share experiences but stopped doing them because I felt anyone can do them now and that took the load off me. I didn't have to do the work anymore and I can actually enjoy tweetups myself. It's also a learning experience for me in terms of consultation.

6-The decor of Lee Chen's is actually very Asian authentic looking. There are no white plastic covered tables which is quite refreshing. In a bustling city, to have a quiet serene spot is a good thing.

7-The food is good. Yes you can have better Asian food elsewhere in Toronto but Lee Chen is up there overall with them with unique food dishes. They are responsive and being open to feedback with their menu so this shows they have flexibility and creativity.

8-It's a great little spot to have a business meeting. They also have a business menu for quick service with a very extensive wine list.

9-They are a local small business open to change and adaptability. Support local.

10-They have the good kind of fortune cookies, the more yellowy ones. If you eat in Asian restos you know what i mean!

For more info on Lee Chen Bistro LeeChenBistro

For ticket purchase to Lee Chen Bistro 1st Anniversary Ticket

It should be a great evening of food and celebration with some surprises! If you cannot attend please visit them at your own time and tell me what you think.

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