Amazing food experience at Nobu Malibu.

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This year I enjoyed my best food experience ever at Nobu Malibu in Los Angeles. This restaurant is the epitome of great service and the art of food. Don't get me wrong, the food was simply amazing but the experience from our food host to the explanation of the dishes and pairings was amazing. Nobu Malibu recently moved to a new location and it's exquisitely located on the edge of the Pacific ocean. I ordered the Omakase menu offering which is basically the Chef's choice. I was lucky to experience chef Matsuhisa's cuisine.

Sashimi wih Jalapeno pepper.

Tuna with caviar yama momo Japanese berry.

Napa Valley Cabernet for the Wagyu beef to come. Not part of Omakase menu.

Japanese Wagyu beef. This was amazing!

Black cod in miso. So fresh and juicy.

Assortment of desserts. The dessert in cup was amazing.

Overall, if you ever end up in Malibu it's the spot for celebrity sightings and great vista. The ambience and staff at Nobu compliment the whole dining experience. For more info: Nobu Malibu

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