Brooklyn Smorgasburg is a food market heaven.

I recently re-visited the Smorgasburg in Willamsburg, Brooklyn. It's located across the river from New York. It's my second time visiting this food fair. Admission is FREE and numerous food vendors are selling food items at reasonable prices. Lowest price: $2 drinks-Highest price: $16 lobster rolls. I enjoy visiting this market because of all the different cultural foods that are available.

One major change from last year, the location has moved 10 metres next door to an even larger area by the water. I noticed more vendors this year compared to last year. It seems to be getting bigger every year. Keep in mind that an even larger open space is adjacent to the current location. I highly recommend you visit Williamsburg and many other food markets in the NYC area. The DUMBO and Seaport food markets are on my bucket list next time. Don't stick to the obvious tourist destinations and explore some of the more obscure locations the city has to offer. I'm not going to keep on talking here and rather show you the visuals of some of the food and vendors at the market.

Chicharon is pork rinds, popular in filipino culture.

Most of the food pricing was on average $5-$7. Highest was lobster roll at $16

This is Bolivian food. It's called Saltenas. It's pastry encased in juicy stew. Similar to empanadas. Served with cheese and hot sauces. $6.00 each.

I wanted to try this but did not get a chance because I had the Bolivian Rose Petal Lemonade Soda pictured below. That was a treat!

I love the simplicity and chicness of this Indian treat.

The last 4 photos are from Bon Anchovies-Bon Jovi play on words. I tried the deep fried anchovies with dipping sauce and enjoyed it. Not the biggest fan but it was good. I think the two seafood sandwiches would have been a better choice.

It was nice to see another Filipino booth " Lumpia Shack" representing. They specialize in "Lumpia" basically a spring roll. They had different variation made fresh on the spot. It was tasty and a different take on a traditional filipino food.

This is a Persian Fusion dish? Chips with Persian yogurt and Iranian Shallots with bacon. This was very savoury. $4 bucks

This was a unique and created the most attention. It's like sticky rice in a sugar cane. Creative presentation and tasty.

It's wings from Buffalo in NYC. Nothing better than traditional Anchor Bar style wings.

I thought the "People"s Pop" was the best simple but effective vendor on the sunny, humid day at the food fair.

I hope you enjoyed my quick and rough review of my recent visit to NYC Food Market.
For more info, check the website for details: Brooklyn Flea