Graphic Design Students of the Future.

Over the weekend my cousin who is a student at Ontario College of Art and Design told me they had a graduating student exhibit in multiple disciplines including photography, design and advertising. It is always inspiring to view student pieces because they are usually creating excellent work on a certain topic or theme. It is always interesting to see the different interpretations of a particular subject. Visiting this exhibit also got my creative juices going which is always a good thing to get me motivated in general.

The biggest thing I've noticed in the exhibits; more specifically in the Graphic Design area is that "Technology" has taken over by the influence of various vector arts and typography manipulations. Back when I went to school it was all about creating it from scratch with a T-square and Tria-markers. Students today have a distinct advantage in creating mock-ups and designs with the compliment of computers and worklabs. At my graduation I was only using a Power Mac 7200 with just floppy disk and 500Mb hard drive.
Today students now have more juice power than they'll ever need. I must admit that the art pieces and designs are truly amazing and inspiring. Good Work!

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