Twitter delivers the news quicker

Have you ever had to watch the news at 6pm to find out what happened earlier in the day? Maybe you are watching those 24 hr news shows for your updates on current affairs. This is fine and dandy if you are located by a television or screen to watch. Twitter can deliver you the news much quicker and faster from anywhere. If you are in a shopping mall, or even just walking on the streets; you can receive updates more instantaneously as it happens. I recently noticed that California had some recent earthquakes that were not even broadcast by the news until later that day. I was also able to ask a friend in California if they experienced the tremors. Twitter is quick and so fast! The timing of information being relayed can help companies in various ways.

A stock trader can use Twitter as another tool in their arsenal to research companies in real-time. They are able to find obscure information about a particular company that other users might have who share similar interest in the company. This is another way for a company or organization to get the word out. For example with the recent Swine Flu pandemic the WHO organization wanted the general public to be more informed of H1N1. They had created a website with information on the disease. This website was broadcast through Twitter which had an international reach which would help educated people on the affects and prevention tips. Overall, Twitter has enabled users to share information very quickly and timely to a mass audience. The only thing to be wary about such information is the validity in such information. I guess it's like buyers beware. Make sure to know the facts and confirm before taking action in any information being provided over the internet

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