Where does creativity come from?

Where does creativity come from? It's a simple question but a difficult one to answer.
It all depends on your personality and your life experiences, personally. If you are a person that is an introvert, in most cases your creativity maybe held within. If you are extroverted then you are more willing to express and share your feelings. I recently had to create different projects for friends and family and found that the thought process of creating an idea was difficult. The more you get experience at doing something the better you will get. Practice makes perfect. One source of creativity for me was to view the exhibits of graduating students at OCAD. To visually see what the future designers have to offer was a perfect collection of ideas to get my creative juices flowing. One way to keep abreast of the trends and styles that are upcoming was to collect different business cards of all the students at the exhibit. It gave me ideas
on creative thinking, design elements, use of colour and their methods of expression.What better way to express your creativity then your own business cards. Designers and thinkers alike have had that time were they have a creative or mental block. To see things visually at an exhibit gave me the ability to think creatively again. I'll end this blog with a question for all to ponder. How do you keep being creative?

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