Technology at a baseball game.

I recently went to a Blue Jays baseball game. We lost this game but we are still first overall as of today. It was interesting to note that the moment you stood foot into the stadium technology was in use. Just outside the stadium, touch screens that sell Jays ticket are available. Ticketakers at the gates are using Palm Pilot style scanners as you enter the stadium. As we take our seats, it's interesting to note the large video display and ribbon boards which are basically displaying advertising on the facade of different levels in the dome in a digital format. It's neat to see a game promotion on the ribbon boards stating if you text a short code "5555" you have a chance to win a prize. This has taken to watching baseball into a more interactive way. As a couple of innings pass I noticed that beside the large scoreboard their "Pitch speed display". This showcases the pitchers pitching speed in kilometres per hour in real time. On the outfield the walls have now become video screens advertising players stats and general advertising too. Technology has influenced the way we watch baseball games live and I must admit I found it very enjoyable; unfortunately our team did not win this night!(Photo:Sean Currie)

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Please note that the attached photo was taken by an iPhone using an app called Panorama.