Toronto's First Significant Twitter Event.

I hope all of you enjoyed the weekend and Mothers Day last night. Yesterday in Toronto it was a very crazy evening with regards to the news. Tamil protesters have been protesting for several days in a peaceful manner exercising their rights to protest.
Actions by the Tamils became desperate when they congregated unto a major highway artery in downtown Toronto. This was a dangerous situation because they had children and women in the front line of the police in riot gear in a very dangerous and limited area of the highway. News broke through Twitter with local Twitterers in the surrounding area. Lots of footage were posted unto Twitter as the event happened. We had video, photo and even sound clips being broadcast right as the moments occurred. It was interesting because we able to get information before the actual media can broadcast. We also found the information that the protest will end peacefully through Twitter to avoid any issues for today's morning rush hour. I personally think this was the first significant news event for Toronto via Twitter. It's interesting to see how media outlets will embrace Twitter and how news will be shared. Here is a link to some of the protest last night:



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