Twitter is the darling of Social Media right now.

As I begin to type this blog post this morning I noticed that "Google got shutdown" is trending on Twitter. I type in the google url and everything seems to be fine. I did a search of the phrase on Twitter and it was more about Google being shutdown or blocked from purchasing Twitter. Apparently Twitter does not at this point want to be sold to Google. There are also speculations that Apple has put in an offer for Twitter as well. These are interesting rumours that seem to be picking up steam on the Internet lately. This might explain why Apple's website was down for a couple of hours this past week. We'll keep you posted on this info.

On another note it was just announced that Rogers (Canadian Wireless provider) with Fido will allow for Twitter via SMS. If you already subscribe to a text messaging plan you will be able to tweet at not extra cost. you will be able to select who you receive and get messages from. So that's the early Tuesday morning scoop. Let's see if more buzz awaits in the coming weeks.

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