I was on Twitter yesterday and noticed a Tweet from one of my followers. It showcased a website called "". This website enables you to sell tickets to your own event. It allows you to set your own seating charts and pricing. It allows you to control your gate access by the use of barcode scanner that TicketLeap would provide. This is an interesting piece of software
because Ticketmaster has been the main player in ticket sales. There are also smaller companies like Ticketmaster that sell tickets as well for small to large events. TicketLeap is different in that it is totally web based and customizable. So if your a small business and looking for a cheap method to create your event this could be an option for you. Anyone now can be the ticket seller and this bridges the gap between you and the larger companies like Ticketmaster. All you need is a WIFI or internet access and laptop.
For more information check the link at TICKETLEAP

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