Charitable Mission

This year with the economy down and financial outlook looking glum. Charitable organizations suffer the most in time of need. My friend Aldous Silva owner of JuiceBox Creative will be going on a mission in 10 days to the Philippines and Cambodia in support of Crosslands Church. Aldous is an extrodinary photographer and visionary person, he was quoted " Only 10 more days before we head out to the Philippines and Cambodia to do our mission. I'm pretty excited. This is my chance to challenge myself and be the person I know I can be. Someone who makes an impact. Someone who leaves the world a better place. Someone who faces their fears and acts for others. That's me. Thank you for being part of it." If you can help support Aldous and his group, you can visit his Facebook group "Crosslands Philippines/Cambodia Mission 2009" for more information. Here are some sample photos from his last mission. Hopefully you can help this good cause by purchasing a calendar for only $5 or any monetary donation. Photos by: Aldous Silva

For more information/donations
please feel free to visit Crosslands Church

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