Twitter and Celebrities!

I've recently signed up for Twitter and have been on it for a couple of weeks. It is very beneficial because it enables you to socially network with others that have similar interest. You can also find interesting links or articles that others maybe reading.
I have notice a lot of celebrities using Twitter which seems to be trendy now. It enables celebrities and their fans to maintain an online relationship, even though the celebrity will never respond back (in most cases) but at least you are kept posted on there status which is a different kind of "Papparazzi" of the online version. I actually have Shaq,Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on my TWITTER. It's been kind of cool reading there updates. There screen names are posted in the above pic. If you add the Kutcher and Moore you can also see there twitpics they have actually uploaded to each other and for all to see.

Here's another random shot they have uploaded recently....

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