Happy Birthday Facebook

Can you believe it is the 5th year of Facebook as of today. Time flies
when you read other people's status.Or maybe when you search your old friend's photo albums. You don't want to admit but you know everyone is doing it. The original use of Facebook was meant to share notes with students in college. It has now evolved to the largest social network of sharing information. You can transfer files, exchange notes, pictures and videos. Ask yourself " Why is Facebook important? ". It is important because it makes everything transparent and opens the lines of communication between friends and even strangers. The more information we have the better we are as a world. When we were young we would have to memorize history, math equations etc; now you can get all the info on the Internet. Now we live lives in which we need to control the information recieved. No longer do students really need to memorize facts and formulas because you can find that information online and sometimes get it faster than you think.Too much info not enough time.

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