Gmail down.

Just this morning, the popular email service of Google known as "Gmail" was temporarily down. It was only down for a limited time but it made me wonder how vulnerable or self reliant we are to email and technology. Email is now one of the most popular forms of communication besides the phone. No more are the days we would actually write a letter and put a stamp and actually walk to the post office. Can you imagine life without email. Would we all be more productive and more fit as a nation? Most of our time is being spent sitting in front of the computer typing away. If we didn't have email, we would have to buy stamps and walk to the closest post office, mingle with your local neighbor on the way. Email has become very quick and to the point where even r grammar is short and misspelled, but at least u get to the point. Email has definitely made our lives easier, but it also has it's drawbacks. If we didn't have email at all; I would have not been able to send this email post. Life without email, just imagine.

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