T-Mobile Commercial Part 1

Do you think they could ever pull this off at Union station ? This commercial for T-Mobile is an American and European phone carrier just like Bell or Rogers is for Canadians. Everytime I watch this commercial it peeks my interest because of the social media aspect in which they use 400 trained dancers,several hidden cameras and regular patrons using technology to take pictures of the event with their cell phone and camera phones. They filmed this commercial one early morning and in less than 24 hours launched the commercial. The commercial went viral on all internet video sites including youtube. It's a very catchy commercial, especially with the music and the very unassuming choreography that is popular with most teens who watch shows like "So you Think You can dance" or "The Next best Dance Crew". It's cool to see how subway goers start pulling out their cameras and phones. Tomorrow I'll post on how they came to creating this commercial.

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