Freedom Fridays

Winding down to another work week and an exciting warm weekend ahead it's the tradtional Freedom Friday video. Blogging every week can be time consuming at times and it's sometimes easier to just watch a simple video to understand things. This week I've chosen a video on how to properly maintain your computer. We have all gone through that phase in which we need to upgrade our computers. I'm sure some of you are still using really old computers and want to upgrade. I highly suggest you do since prices have dropped with this economy. Let's this blog be one more reason to push you to take action and buy a new one.

As for maintaining a computer, it's so important to properly have a workflow and backup system because you store so much info such as photos and music on the computer. A can of compressed air is probably one of the best cheap purchases for maintaining the life of your computer. Until Monday, take care and enjoy the weekend!

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