Technology for the road.

Most of our lives is spent travelling. Think about this for a second. We travel everyday from home to work or school. The most important technology created besides the computer can be also said of the car. Without the car people would not be able to travel far distances. Back in the days it was the horse and carriage. In today's society the car is the backbone to most countries economic development. Lately in the news, it's all about how car companies require a bailout during this recession.

Today, I want to talk about several more positive aspects of cars and technology. The first one is a company called "Proxpro.com", they offer very detailed routing that is better than most GPS systems. The system is called "Prompt" which is used with Blackberry phones. If you have a planned meeting at a location it will map out the best route but also give you an estimated time of reaching your destination. It will also notify you if there is upcoming construction or accidents on your route.

Link: Prompt

Another similar type of software is called "Traffic". Download the software at the site and use it with your phone and you can receive email alerts, text messages or a phone call telling you when there's a traffic jam coming on your route. If you know your route in advance it can give you notice of any delays prior to your trip.

Link: Traffic

If you are a person that is always "on the go" then this could make your life easier. It is called "Ilane". It enables you to listen to your emails while driving. A computer voice will read your emails out and you can respond back with short often used phrases which would be translated back to an actual typed email. All of this interacts via bluetooth and works through voice commands.
Here is a quick video and explanation of the technology:

Link: iLane

One final technology to make your driving experience more pleasant is the ability to control and start your car from an Ipod Touch/Iphone. This following technology may not be as simple as donwloading software as the previous three ideas. This technology takes a little more tinkering. This is just exciting to know it exist as it is just watching this video. See for yourself here:

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