Have you ever "Googled" your name?

Have you ever "Googled" your name? I will admit that I have typed my name in to find myself associated with various websites or links to other websites. I'm sure we have also "Google" our friends/family/girlfriend/boyfriend names. If you are one that values how you are represented on the internet then you should pay particular interest to your profiles. For some people the use of the internet is not a concern. If you are an occasional user of the internet who just checks email the very odd time chances are that person has no concerns. On the other hand you may be a person of respected authority in your company or even just a person who makes a living in Sales and has to deal with many people the same cannot be said. If you belong to any of the main social networking sites online chances are those sites are at the top of the SEO of Google. SEO- stands for "Search Engine Optimization" which means the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from a search engine such as Google.

Since Facebook and Twitter are the most recognized sites at this time chances are your profile or pictures of you will be the first things to show up on a "Search". If you are the CEO or Head of Sales for a particular company this is important. The last thing you want your organization to deal with is why "Joe the CEO" is gallivanting with 2 pitchers of beer and 4 shots of tequila in a drunken stupor. Most companies now will search or Google potential employees to see if they are a perfect fit for the company. If an accounting company "Googles" a profile of "Joe the accountant" and finds that he is a math major from Harvard, has pics with the family and dog then I'm sure he stands a better chance then the other guy who has pics of himself scantily naked or he's the captain of the beer chugging group. Your virtual presence on the internet or branding is key to your success in which most people tend to neglect. That is a choice for the person to decide if they want a positive or negative profile for others to see. It comes back to the old saying, "What you see is what you get".


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