Keeping up with Technology

There is one thing I'm learning from maintaining a blog on technology. Do you know what it is? But before I get to that answer I want to explain the reason I began this blog. This blog was to compliment my actual website which is still being worked on as of today. Maintaining a day job and part time job and having normal activities outside of work makes it very difficult to manage. It's all about time management. The only problem is their is only 24 hours in a day. Adding sports and volunteer work just adds to more time being required.

The point here is that technology is suppose to make your life easier, but in fact in can make it more frustrating. Technology is everywhere you look. Just take a look around you right now. You are probably at work or at your home office reading this blog.
You have your usb stick, cellphone, laptop/pc, remote control, printer all things technology. The one thing I've learned from maintaining this blog is that you can never keep up to date with Technology. Technology is always in a continuous mode of change. If it's fast now, it will only get even faster. Remember 1.44Mb floppy disk and all that storage space? Now we are 1 Terabyte and beyond. Technology will continue to make our lives easier but will it really help all of us? Automation is costing jobs for most workers. All the technology has to be created; so this has to influence the environment in a negative way. Cars are a perfect example of technology that may have a detrimental impact to the environment. Improvements are being made with more fuel efficient models. So where does this leave us with technology? Let's hope someone has the answer because it's just getting overwhelming to keep up with technology when it's always changing. I feel like a dog trying to chase it's own tail, it's neverending.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that life is always is just one medium used in hopes of improving our lives. I just got comfortable and use to facebook and now Twitter comes along!! Things are always changing as fast as lightning and I guess it's up to the individual to accept these changes or that individuals need to stop wanting more so that change becomes irrelevant...either way, life is not easy and change is inevitable!