Social Media and Celebrities.

Twitter has been the talk everywhere lately. It has been mentioned in the newspapers, talk shows but mostly through celebrities.
It seems that celebrities have jumped the bandwagon in using this social site to power influence or change. Oprah Winfrey has been one of the newest tweeps.The most popular celebrity and King of Twitter would be Ashton Kutcher-@aplusk. Ashton has over a million followers which is greater than anyone else at the moment. Twitter gives the celebrities a chance to engage with their fans in a more natural way. It shows they live normal lives like any other human being. It enables celebrities to cut out the middle man. Celebs can control their images in a way that paparazzi cannot control. A classic example is "PDiddy" the hip hop star and multi talented artist. He is frequently on Twitter creating powerful Tweets or messages of motivation. He is also broadcasting live in most cases which give you a glimpse into his lifestyle without no commercials or PR media person controlling his actions. He can express himself in any way. He can swear and use profanities. He can broadcast as long as he wants. He is basically using the medium of the Internet to use his freedom of speech. It also showcases the power of influence. One person on Twitter can affect change which is a very powerful tool. For example earlier this past week, Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN News that he can hit more than 1 million users before CNN. During this contest Ashton actually won and also used the contest as a platform to promote Malaria. He told everyone that if he won he would donate 10,000 Mosquito nets. With this donation other celebs and even CNN matched the offer all to help this worthy cause to eradicate Malaria.
This is another example showing how social media and the internet can affect change for the better and good of the people.
Please read previous post for more details on the KUTCHER vs CNN popularity contest.

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