Monday worm

I hope you all enjoyed your chocolate eggs over the long weekend. Over this past weekend some other interesting happenings occurred on the Internet. A site called which looked and had the feel of a Twitter-style site created havoc amongst many users. StalkDaily was a site that stated you would also be able to incorporate adding video and photos to your tweets. So you can imagine the popularity of this website. This site basically had the same look and feel as Twitter but offered more.

Unfortunately as soon as you sign-up at this site, you are spreading a worm.
So if you signed up at and then visit a users profile on Twitter you were infected. It would automatically tweet "Dude, is awesome.What's the fuss?". This was created all by a 17 year old by the name of Mikey Mooney. Mike codes in XSS which is the programming language used in this apps. Mike later admitted to spreading this worm. He reason being was that he was bored and he enjoyed looking for vulnerabilities within websites. It's interesting to see how one 17 year old can affect and entire nation of "Tweeters". The worm has been rectified and patched by the Twitter folks and you can now use Twitter safely again. At least for now before the next computer hacker creates something new to amuse us all. I'm pretty sure this 17 year old kid will have a nice job after all the dust settles. If you want more info on this virus/worm just do a search on #stalkdaily on Twitter.

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