What is the most important Technology to you?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? What is the most important technology to you? Probably not. Technology is everywhere around us. We can see technology phyiscally or it can also be invisible. The best way to answer this question would also depend on the individual. Everyone uses technology in a different way. I for one like to express my ideas through this blog using a computer or laptop. A driver going to work would say that his vehicle is the most important technology. Depending on how you use technology, the answers will vary. However one important thing that is common with all the technology is that it should make our lives easier in some way. Some will beg to differ but for the most part it' true. My idea of technology is that it allows us to communicate/interact with people more easily. The driver in the vehicle(car) can visit someone across the country. The person on the internet can communicate a message throughout the world wide web. This brings us back to the initial question. What is the most important technology to you? For me, I would have to say that the computer is the most important technology easily followed by the cellphone. These are two of the most basic forms of technology in my opinion.

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