How much do you make?

It's quite a simple question right? How much do you make a year? What is your salary at work? Are you paid hourly? Is it better to be paid hourly or to be salaried. These are numerous questions that most employees do not like to divulge to their cohorts. Why, you ask? Maybe they are embarassed to state how little or how much they make? Maybe we psychologically think differently of the person depending on how much money they make. If they make less money we think less of them as a person and if you make lots of money it's vice versa. No matter what the reasons are we can all agree we don't think we make enough for the exception of a few, mainly athletes and celebrities. Do you think advertising the salaries of a company would be beneficial to a company and it's employees? These are interesting questions that can surely be debated for time and time again. Here is a couple of websites that showcase salaries of various companies in the US for free. These are inputted by employees themselves. I wonder if they have a canadian version of this site.



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