4G and the future.

I was reading an article this morning from the "The Globe and Mail" in regards to the future of cellphones(Source fromGLOBEANDMAIL). The history of the cellphone use to be analog and now it is currently 3G. 3G by definition is the third generation of telecommunication hardware standards and general technology for mobile networking. The article goes on to explain that the future of cellphones will be 4G. 4G is know as the next complete evolution in wireless communication also known as "Beyond 3G" .Researchers are already developing technology for the future of cellphones. Cellphones today are used for text messaging, watching video and also to voice communicate. The future of the 4G will bring about faster download speeds. High definition video conferencing and also the introduction of 3D on the phone is what the future will be. Richard Scoble known as "Scobelizer has predicted and only a matter time before HD comes to the phone. Imagine being able to conference live with a friend or business partner in real time live HD. Speculation is that this will arrive in 2015. How are they able to do this you ask yourself? Currently 3G uses base stations. The farther away you are from the base stations the weaker your signals are for your phone. If you ever notice when you go up north or somewhere isolated that seems to be the pattern. The introduction of 4G would basically continue on the same premise of base stations but with more smaller base stations or "Relays" positioned more frequently around such as lightpost or building rooftops. This will enable faster transmission of information. The cellphone is already the main communication tool that is usually called the smartphone. It will be interesting to see how the cellphone will evolved from today. Can the smartphone really outsmart itself with the future of 4G. I'm already enjoying the iphone and cannot believe it's only going to get better. Who needs a computer anymore.

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