Airports and Technology

I remember when I was a teenager I would have to wait in a long line to board the plane with my passport in hand. I would board the plane and listen to safety instructions on a snowy tv screen with bad sound quality from these cheap earphones given away free by the flight attendant. The total flight would last like 5 hrs; not knowing what to do with myself since I've finished reading my magazines and books on board. Fast forward to the present and the airport and airplane experience has definitely changed for the better. On your way to the airport you can already print your tickets from home on your printer prior to boarding. They also have curbside check-in, so you don't have to lug your luggagae around the airport. Check-in is fast and convenient and is completed through a touch screen and a quick swipe of your passport. As you are processed and make it through airport security you are waiting in to board the plane. During this time you have access to WIFI and in some airports you get free internet connection such as Japan's airport. Once you have boarded the plane they have monitors behind each seat that have music,television and movie selections. Remember those safety instruction videos for you safety on the plane. They now have that on the screen in clear view for you to watch as many times as you need. The monitors also tell you have far or how much travel distance is left in your trip. You may also plug in your laptop or charge your iphone on the plane which makes business travel even an easier thing. Travel for me brings joy because it always mean vacation for me. The total experience from the airport and airplane just makes your trip an even better experience to remember. The air carrier referenced in this post is Air Canada. The video below is an example of a new business class airlines called "Porter" which is not affiliated with Air Canada.

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