Twitter is mainstream now.

If you happen to be watching the news yesterday in Toronto, Global Tv was the first local newscast to incorporate "Twitter" into the news. It enabled viewers who are already on Twitter to submit "Tweets" (short text messages) for viewers to read on television. Leslie Roberts is the 6:00 news anchor for Global and is still very new to Twitter, even jumbling up the lingo used in Twitter. Twitter was also mentioned in the tv show "The View" with Barbara Walters explaining how popular the social marketing has taken over the internet. During the time it was televised it was also noticed that Twitter had a slowdown on the system. So there is an obvious jump in users as the word gets around. Even celebrities such as Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, SHAQ, Barbara Walters, Lance Armstrong the list goes on and on. Large companies are also jumping the bandwagon because they realize the huge potential and the instant audience a company or person can have. It will only be a matter of time before the other media outlets start a "Twitter" feed on there newscast. One example of a company adopting the Twitter frenzy is "Skittles". Skittles has adopted and redesigned there website to be just a Twitter Feed. You can see this here: SKITTLES

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