Sports Athletes and Technology

Here is a short clip of Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors using Twitter and Facebook. It is interesting to note that many celebrities and politicians have been using these applications. Some politicians have taken some flack for using Twitter during important speeches. As an example an american politician began tweeting during President Obama's speech with the Congress.
Is this showing that the politician was not paying attention to Obama's speech? This politician was voted to represent the people.
So it make you wonder if it is a good or bad thing for politicians. I myself think it's a positive thing because it brings a bit more of transparency into the way our officials work. It gives us an idea into the way our celebrities and politicians think and react.

As for athletes it seems like another interesting combination. Would you be happy seeing Chris Bosh twitter during a game while he is on the bench? Or would this be a distraction to his team and himself? Anyways that a topic that I'm sure will be discussed in the future as social networking sites become even more popular. It's interesting to note that Chris Bosh uses two phones. He uses Twitter on the Blackberry and Facebook on the Iphone. Lance Armstrong,Steve Nash and SHAQ are a few of the other athletes that are using these sites to interact with their fans.

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Clickman said...

Great story on CB4 and him using twitter and FaceBook. going to try to find him on twitter...thanks JO