Palm Pre or Iphone.

Yesterday, Apple had an advance preview of the new iphone OS 3.0 software that should launch sometime this summer. There is a lot of anticipation for developers and users of this smartphone from Apple. The iphone has changed the way people communicate and use the phone. Apple is the first to showcase a touch sensitive screen and built in accelerometer. An Accelerometer detects the movement and changes the display accordingly or control a game using only your movements.

Some of the big changes coming to the iphone is for the developers of software for the Apps store. Most iphone users can download applications for a small cost or sometimes even free. Apple has introduced subscription service so now developers can charge more than just once when an app is purchased. For example if you buy a video game from the App store and you play the first 10 rounds and you complete it, you can have option to purchase the next 10 rounds with a pop window that appears giving you the option to purchase more. For regular users of the iphone the option of "copy and paste" will be introduced. Also the use of multi gaming with other users on an iphone for a new way to experience gaming on the phone. Now this is just a small sample of the many changes coming to the iphone but we can't forget about the other phones more specifically the "Palm Pre". Remember the Palm Pilot and how everyone was using a stylus pen to touch and navigate the screen to create the most advance organizer. Palm has introduced the "Palm Pre" that looks very similar to iphone and also has a touch screen and also a QWERTY keyboard. Take a look at the video above and tell me what you think of this phone. Some of the things I wish the iphone would have introduced was a better camera and video option. We will just have to wait until they release software 4.0 if that option comes from Apple. Until then I'm going to keep playing on my iphone.

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Great article clickflick never knew how easy it was to use this phone...