VNC Lite for the iphone

What is VNC ? VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. VNC allows one computer to remotely control another computer. Some popular uses of VNC is for schools or technical support. As an example, an instructor in a computer here in North America can control a desktop in China or anywhere else for that matter. VNC Lite is free for the iphone. You can purchase an upgrade that also allows more functionality at the App store. The iphone can also be considered a computer but there is nothing better than to be able to see your own desktop at home from anywhere with your iphone. This works through WI-FI and also 3G. You can control and move everything on your home desktop from your iphone. You basically have your computer with you everywhere you go. Keep in mind that it is very slow especially if your connection is not strong. I like to use this software to monitor "downloads" which I may have queued up for torrents or music( mp3's) to see the progress. This is just one cool application I highly recommend to users because of it's "Cool" factor and also because it's free. We all like FREE, right? This application can be downloaded right from your iphone or at ITunes App store. This will also work for both MAc and PC. It was also very easy to set-up with instructions. The whole process took me less than 10 minutes to install and use.

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