Obama and the internet.

President Obama is a man of change. He is the first president to embrace using technology more openly in his leadership. He truly is making decisions on a very democratic level. What better way to reach thousands of Americans then by the Internet. Not only do you get Americans talking about politics but you also get people from other countries talking too. The important generation of young folks who are on the Internet that are just old enough to vote truly benefit. Yesterday, the president made a speech to Americans asking to send a question they would like answered on the economy to a website
Leave Questions here.

If you have been living under a rock lately much talk has been about the economy and how it has affected everyone especially in the states. Every question will be ranked on the website in which Obama will answer all the top questions at a later date. This is brilliant because he will be able to find out what is most important to Americans. He will be able to see patterns so he can adjust his political agenda accordingly.

Transparency is the key here. Obama is making sure that everyone has a say in this new government. He is not hiding anything so if he makes a mistake, it's all for everyone to see. If he passes a law that is good, it's because all American s thought it was the right choice. So building trust with his American people is developed. Canada should adopt some of these techniques. Canada is so technically advance especially in the big cities that we should embrace and implement similar procedures and tactics.

Obama using the Internet is a reflection of how Technology can affect change. Social change is occurring through the net. You can basically create change from the seat of your home and that is very powerful even though it doesn't seem that way. I can already predict in the future that everyone will be able to vote online as opposed to going to a polling station. Government officials always complain their may not be enough voters coming out. The Internet may change this in the future to come.
Now all you americans should go and post a question on the economy, while us Canadians sit back and watch it unfold.
I wonder what the top question will be.

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