Watch new movie trailers on Twitter from Apple.

OK, you can't really watch video in Twitter but you can have links to upcoming movie trailers sent to you. The reason this is newsworthy is because Apple has always been known to showcase movie trailers on their own website. Most people would come to the site and view various trailers. Now Apple has decided to go the Twitter way. They are now updating and posting movie trailer "Tweets" as new trailers arise. This is very unlike Apple but this tells you how they are changing the way we view things on the Internet by using "Twitter" to showcase the trailers. Apple is now coming to us. This could be foreshadowing how other companies will use Twitter. Various companies such as ZOOCASA which is a home search for real estate or rental property are now using Twitter to post available property or listings. So it should be interesting to see how Twitter evolves in the near future. I personally think that Twitter will change once it hits full mainstream. Is that a good or bad thing. That's the question everyone wants to know. You can follow Apple Trailers at @itunestrailers on Twitter.

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