Upload your Pics with Eye-Fi

Have you ever taken pictures with your digital camera for a birthday party or take pictures at a concert. We've all taken pictures at one point or another. You go home and tell yourself that you will upload the pics in the next couple of days but you actually find out you don't have the time to upload the pics because you live such as busy life. So the next time you take your camera out to take pictures at your sister's wedding the card is almost full from previous outings. I'm sure we all know that feeling. Now with Eye-Fi the worries are gone. Eye-Fi looks just like any SD card for the exception that it has a wireless chip built inside. You can use this card in a digital camera and take pictures as you would usually do. Once you have taken your pictures you go to your laptop or computer that is on a wireless network and it will automatically transfer your images to your computer or online photo center such as Flickr or even Youtube for videos. This saves you time from having to wait minutes and minutes downloading pictures to your computer. This free's up your time to do more important things than wait by your computer. Eye-Fi also has a Free App for the iphone which allows you to WI-FI your pictures on your Iphone directly on your computer. You will need to purchase an EYE-Fi card to register for this service. The Eye-Fi is available in the States but limited in Canada. They are approximately at little more expensive than your average SD card but for ease of use and the time saved I think it's worth it.
They usually come in 2 GIG and 4 GIG models. The price range is $50-$100. I will give you an update on this Eye-Fi card to tell you how fast or slow this process works. Until then check the site out here with a cool video of it's simplicity on their website.

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