Cydia Store for Iphone.

Apple's Itunes App Store, is the only Apple-approved source for iphone applications. You can also download applications right from your iphone through the App Store. Jay Freeman, is the developer behind Cydia app. Cydia App allows users to download iphone applications for the iphone that have not been authorized by Apple as of yet. You may not know but Apple has a very strict and tedious process for allowing programmers to showcase their software. Apple wants to make sure applications installed on the iphone will not cause havoc on the actual iphone units or conflict with other applications on the phone. I can see why Apple is so strict and slow with this process. This is where Cydia App comes in. Cydia allows users to download Apps that have not yet been approved or have been dismissed by Apple. Cydia has some unique applications such as Cycorder which the regular iphone does not have. It gives the iphone the capability of recording video. You must have your iphone jailbroken to use this app, but there are many online sites with simple tutorials such as Iclarified

Cydia is not about pirating applications. It's about applications that Apple would never approve. In someways Apple is limiting the the progress of developers with their slow approval process. Th Cydia store allows developers to quickly launch apps so it doesn't limit users. It should be interesting to see how Apple reacts to the new Cydia Store. Possible copyright and strict lawsuits may come in the near future for Cydia. Only time will tell. To follow more on Cydia Store, follow the creator of Cydia Store on Twitter as @saurik or go to @iphoneschool.

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