PAY it Backward April 4

I've only started using Twitter this year but it has proven valuable to me so far and I'm still enjoying the use of this internet application. Twitter has been around for 3 years now and seems to be the talk of the town quiet literally. So many people ask me "What is Twitter ?" or "Isn't that just a status update like Facebook?". These are difficult questions to answer because it all depends on how you use it personally. For me it's all about connecting with people who may share the same ideas or interest as me. It is also helpful for networking in a particular field or industry or to find out and answer to a question you can pose to your "Followers". If you look to the sidebar on the right of this page their is a badge for "Pay It Backward Day". I happen to click on their link through Twitter and find this upcoming event and website interesting, especially since it is based in Toronto.
Here is a link to the site with more details about the event. You can also just click the badge to the right DailyChallenge

The premise of the site is quite simple. This site inspires you to do something good for someone else. On April 4 they will try and create the world record of 490 "pay it backward" coffee buys in a row. It's a great idea because it gets the community involved and it's make you a part of doing something good. Isn't this what social networking is all about. So this event has come about through the DailyChallenge and Twitter. For posting this badge I will have my blog address posted on their website, so it also helps me with SEO and recognition as a blog that talks about technology and how it affects the world, just like this event. So this article is my way of "Pay it Back" to them. If you are in the Toronto area on April 4, go check it out and get involved.

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